The World's First Showerhead That Turns Your Shower Into A Spa

●  Ultrafine Bubbles & Microfinebubbles
●  Help Conserve Water
●  Easy Installation
●  A Spa-quality Shower Mist
●  Hydrate As You Cleanse
●  Innovative Japanese Technology

A New Revolutionary Shower Head Offers Your Deepest Clean and Most Intense Hydration Yet 

ReFa’s Unique Technology maximizes water saturation with ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles.

With intense hydration, deep cleansing and water-saving properties, our new showerhead brings you a new kind of shower.

Ultrafine Bubbles & Micro Bubbles Lift Away Impurities

Using double-cavitation technology, we created a Japanese Fine Bubble showerhead that makes ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles. 

ReFa FINE BUBBLE S is a powerful shower that unclogs pores without irritating your skin. 

Innovative Spiral Technology
Feature a unique technology that employs pressurized dissolution and double cavitation.
Double The Cleansing Capability
Ultrafine bubbles gently flush out your pores to remove impurities from deep inside of them.
Hydrate As You Cleanse

Ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles hydrate the skin as they gently remove impurities.
Help Save The Planet With This Incredible Spa Experience

One-step attachment makes installation easy. Replacing your shower head with The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S can reduce your water usage by up to 65%.

A Choice Of Four Spray Patterns To
Meet Your Skin's Needs
With four separate spray patterns to choose from, the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S can be customized to
meet a variety of skin needs: removing impurities from a particular area, warming your whole body,
or saturating your skin with hydration.
How To Install

Remove your current shower head.

1. Close the faucet.
2. Remove your current shower head by turning it counterclockwise.

Easy install of ReFa FINE BUBBLE S

1. Turn ReFa FINE BUBBLE S clockwise to install.
2. Open the faucet and check the water discharge.

Turn Shower Time Into Spa Time!

Using double-cavitation technology, we created a Japanese Fine Bubble showerhead that makes ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles. The result is an intense pulsating showerhead that lifts away impurities to deliver an intensely hydrating clean. The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S gives you a spa-quality experience, while using less water than traditional showerheads. 

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